New Smart Golf Insole Can Superpower Your Golf! (2021)

Smart golf insole

How A Smart Golf Insole Can Improve Your Golf

Salted Golf are using the latest technology to help golfers of all abilities improve their game and have more fun playing golf. However, how can Salted Smart Smart Golf insole help you improve your game?

salted smart golf insole

What are Salted Smart Golf Insoles?

The Salted smart golf insole, and connected mobile application, provide real-time analysis of body balance measured through your foot pressure data. This analysis and data if reviewed and worked at can help you work on improving how well you strike the golf ball.

These Smart Golf insoles have previously been reviewed by My Golf Spy, Golficity, Hackers Paradise and now they have been reviewed by Fun Golf!

Smart golf insole

How do Salted Golf Insoles improve my game?

The Smart Pressure golf insoles are designed to help show how well you move your weight through your swing. All golfers move foot pressure through their swing, but the top golfers make this movement in a more efficient way, leading to better, more consistent shots. If you use these insoles, and analyse the data, it can help you strike your irons better that you ever have before.

The alternative to the smart golf insole is the Boditrack golf pressure mat, however for me this is not a great option. These mats are big and bulky and not easy carry around, whereas the insoles can be kept in your shoes, or in your golf bag, this way they can easily be used at the range or during a round of golf. The Boditrack golf mat app requires an expensive paid subscription, whereas the Salted Golf App is free to download and use. Finally, the best thing is the price of the Salted Golf smart insole – it’s much better value. Salted Golf have provided an opportunity for all golfers to easily improve their golf through the use of the pressure smart golf insoles and the salted golf app.

salted smart golf insole

How do you set them up?

I found these really easy to set up, and they were ready to use after a couple of hours of an initial charge. I chose the correct insole to match my foot size, however, they can easily be adjusted using scissors should they not fit perfectly.

Once you’ve downloaded the Salted Golf App it is very straight forward to connect these to your phone via Bluetooth and calibrate. I was ready to go within 10 minutes. There is a helpful video function where you can record your swing and watch your foot pressure back during your shot. If you plan on using this it is advisable to purchase an iPhone tripod to keep your phone stable.

samrt golf insole screen schot

The information provided via the Salted Golf app is extremely detailed, it shows exactly your body movement through the smart golf insole, and how your foot pressure performed during your golf swing. You can analyse this yourself or even compare this to what a professional golfers swing movement looks like.

How can Salted Golf help you improve your game?

One of the big topics in the world of golf now is driver distance, and specifically the discussion on how much pressure each foot should generate into the ground at a given point in the swing. You only need to look at the work Bryson DeChambeau and Rory McIlroy are putting into gaining additional distance from their golf shots. It is data such as this which is provided in the Salted smart golf insole, it can help golfers gather additional feedback to refine their golf. You too can analyse your golf in different ways to further improve your game.

leadbetter golf swing foot pressure

World famous golf coach David Leadbetter has previously written on the importance of foot pressure during a golf swing. Leadbetter explained that amateur golfers often lack power in their golf swing by lifting their bodies up during the back swing, when the optimal movement should be to push down onto your right foot. If golfers increase the amount of force generated towards the floor during their back swing, this provides a solid base for the body to coil the upper body, therefore increasing power in the golf swing.

leadbetter smart insole golf drill

These Salted Smart golf insoles help analyse whether you are making this same mistake. A great tip to encourage the body to place more downward movement into the right foot during your back swing is the following. Place a heavy object, such as a hardback book behind your iron when setting up to the ball. During your backswing, push the object away from the ball. This movement promotes the feeling of downward pressure in your left heel and therefore you can feel what the correct foot pressure should feel like during your backswing.


The Salted smart golf insole is a fantastic tool to measure and improve body motion and Fun Golf would highly recommend this product to anyone serious about understanding more about their body movement and golf swing. They’re available on Amazon, you can click the link below to buy these directly.

Salted golf also has a dedicated YouTube Channel:

Should you want to find out more please have a look at the Salted Golf website.

If you decide to give this a try why not comment below and let us know how you got on?

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