Minion CaddyTalk Rangefinder – World’s Smallest Golf Laser!

Minion CaddyTalk Rangefinder Review

Today I’m having a close up look at this CaddyTalk Minion laser rangefinder and will be giving you a full review. I’ll even share an exclusinve discount code if you keep reading to the end!

This is one rangefinder I’ve been really excited to get my hands on


It’s their smallest rangefinder – and possibly the smallest rangefinder in the world – but is it possible that smaller isn’t always better? 

Well in this article I’m gonna find out. 

I’ve tested out all of the features on the course and if you stick around I’ll give you my honest opinion on this device – and if you like what you hear Ive even got a discount code which could save you up to 15%! 

I’ll even let you know how it stacks up against the caddytalk minimi rangefinder, and compare it to other devices on the market. 

Who Are Fun Golf?

Why should you listen to me? Well, I’m not a golf pro but I love golf and golf tech, I’ve tested loads of golf rangefinders through my fun golf website,  from the really expensive, to the cheap and cheerful! 

And I’ll always give you my honest opinion to help you make the best choice for how to spend your money!

But more importantly as I said I’ve actually used this rangefinder on the course, tested it’s accuracy even comparing it to my gps watch and tried out all of the features!

So let’s get into the caddytalk minion rangefinder review.

Minion CaddyTalk Rangefinder – Size Matters

So first off let’s put the size of this device into perspective with some stats. 

It weighs only 99 grams, which is roughly the weight of two golf balls, and has dimensions which make it smaller than your mobile phone, and significantly smaller than other devices on the market. 

The GOGOGO GS03 for example weighs nearly double and is much bigger. 

And in comparison to the previous model the minimi its also smaller and lighter. 

But after testing loads of rangefinders, sometimes small devices can be hard to use and a bit fiddly to use on the course. 

So I’ve taken this out onto my local course to see how it performs. But firstly let’s have a look inside the box. 

Impressive Packaging

I have to say the packaging it comes in is amazing – , it won’t help your game but it’s seriously impressive, usually in rangefinders they just come in a standard white box but the way this opens out is special. So if you’re planning on gifting this to someone they’ll be impressed with the packaging 

unboxing the caddytalk minion rangefinder, the packaging is very impressive!

And Inside the box the rangefinder continues to impress with a stylish grey carry case, this is unique from other rangefinders on the market as it simply slides in and out. 

Also its not designed to hang on your bag, this clips onto your belt. Also because of this doesn’t come with a magnetic strip which you might find in other models. 

Now I don’t usually wear my device here so it will be interesting to see how this feels on the course. 

the minion rangefinder clips on your belt for easy use.

The device feels nice and secure despite only being held in place by a small clip, although I do think there is also a magnet holding it in place too. 

Premium Device Up Close!

Inside, a first look at the Minion it feels premium and has a nice finish to it.

A close up look shows a really sleek looking device, the two tone effect of the white and grey colourway is very stylish. 

Size-wise, in my hand it’s extremely compact, and first thoughts are that despite the small size it actually feels easy to handle and to carry, even the eye piece feels easy to turn despite the small size making it easy to make the most of the 6 times magnification. 

caddytalk minion is ultra compact in your hand on the course and easy to use.

it  only has two buttons in the top it’s really simple to use, there’s the on wake button and the mode button to switch between yards metres and control the slope function. 

Now This device doesn;t have a magnetic strip which you might find in other models on the market, but actually as this is so small you can easily slip it in your pocket in between shots. 

This is USB C Rechargeable which I’m a big fan of, I find this much better than battery powered devices. 

And Caddy Talk say the Minion can last up to 8000 measurements on one charge. – I’ve used it for 2 rounds now without charge and it’s been absolutely fine. 

YouTube Review – Minion CaddyTalk Rangefinder

Accurate Distance Readings – Minion Rangefinder

Taking this out on the course I actually felt comfortable with the rangefinder clipped to my belt – it’s small enough not to notice it when playing my shots – I usually hang my device on my bag, but actually I could get used to this way of carrying it . 

I tested it out in a variety of different shots and each of them felt fine. 


I wanted to test the accuracy of the device so I took it to the range and scanned it vs the 150 and 175 yardage markers. As you can see the measurements came back very accurate. 

Through the scope you have a really clear display, the Minion has something called a horizon detect laser system which caddytalk say makes picking up the target much quicker and easier and is also meant to help lock onto a target even if you have shaky hands. On the course I had no trouble locking onto the flag and the jolt and vibrate alert made it easy to know when I had found the flag. 

Minion CaddyTalk Rangefinder – Adjustable Slope Technology

The Minion has adjustable slope technology which can be turned off and on, but a stand out feature this has is Magic Slope: 

Also known as M-Slope

This  is where the rangefinder not only takes the slope angle and distance into consideration for your golf shot, 

But it also understands the ball flight trajectory of your shot, and takes this into consideration when calculating the distance.

It sounds technical, but it apparently makes it far more accurate. 

craig from fun golf testing out the rangefinder vs the shot scope v5 gps watch.

When testing this out vs my Shot Scope V5 gps watch and the caddytalk minimi I was seriously impressed with the accuracy and consistency with the distances the Minion returned. 

When testing this on the course in one example, the GPS watch gave me a reading of 221 yards to the middle and looking through the scope of the Minion the reading came back at 231 yards which was 230 yards with the slightly uphill slope – this was right as the flag was only just further back than middle.

Now this device is rated IP54 so only suitable for use in light showers, with it clipped on your belt you might need to put it in your bag if you play in the rain. 

I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this rangefinder since seeing images of it at the PGA Show – I’d heard really good things about it. 

Minion CaddyTalk Rangefinder – Conclusion

And I’m pleased to say I was very impressed with this device. 

It performed really well on the course, was highly accurate when compared to my GPS watch and looks really cool. 

What’s even better is the price – at only £161 or just over $200 its at a really competitive price point. 

Especially if you use my discount code FUNGOLF15 where you can save an extra 15% off your purchase. 

minion rangefinder in your hand is very small. the worlds smallest rangefinder.

But if you’re still not sure if this is the rangefinder for you, I’d recommend you check out some of my other articles.

And I’ll catch you in the next one.

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