Buying a Rangefinder? 3 Common Mistakes To Avoid

So what are the three most important golf rangefinder buying tips? Well, if you’re thinking of buying a rangefinder, I’ve got three tips that you need to know before you spend any money and make sure you stick around for number three. 

If you get this one wrong, you could end up getting disqualified in your next monthly medal.

craig from fun golf testing out the gs03 laser rangefinder from gogogogo sport - to give you the most important golf rangefinder buying tips.

How Does A Rangefinder Work?

So if you’re a beginner golfer, you might have heard about rangefinders or perhaps you’ve been playing a while and you’re not quite sure what they do or how they can help your game. 

So I’m gonna be taking this Gogogo GS03 onto a windy golf course to find out more. Its an excellent device with a range of up to 1000 yards, and 6 times magnification. If you like the look of it you should definatley check out this link to find out more.  

the gs03 laser rangefinder from gogogo sport tested on the course.

So what is a golf rangefinder and how does it work? Well, there are two different types of rangefinders which are used in golf: laser rangefinders and GPS rangefinders. 

Laser rangefinders are the most popular and work by emitting a laser towards the object on a golf course, such as a flag. The laser then hits the flag, returns to the rangefinder, and then calculates the time taken to return and gives you a distance measurement on your display.

this is what you see through the scope of a laser rangefinder.

GPS rangefinders work a bit like your sat-nav and they download course information onto a rangefinder, providing you with distance information depending on where you are in the course. 

GPS rangefinders can be quicker, but they might not be as accurate. 

shot scope v5 gps watch on the course, really simple to use and great in conjunction with a laser rangefinder.

So to start off with Golf Rangefinder Buying Tips number one: make sure you buy a laser rangefinder like this GS03 laser rangefinder from Gogogo Sport.

gs03 golf rangefinder up close on the course, really simple to use with only 2 buttons.

I’m using this laser rangefinder from Gogogo Sport and these are by far the most accurate in comparison to GPS rangefinders. 

Isn’t that why you bought a rangefinder? After all, you want accurate measurements for your next shot.

Golf Rangefinder Buying Tips – Number 2

The next most important feature to get when buying a rangefinder is to make sure it has pin seeker technology with a vibrate function. 

Now the name of this function will change depending on how different rangefinder companies explain it, but in essence, it’s the name for technology that lets you know you’ve locked onto your target and not other objects in the background. 

So for example, if you’re trying to get a distance to the flag and there are lots of trees around the back of the green, then this technology helps the rangefinder to focus on the flag only and isolate this from the background to provide a quick and accurate reading.

So in this model here it’s pretty impressive and it’s designed to focus on the flag and provide accurate readings each time. 

So tip number two is to make sure you find a rangefinder that will vibrate when you fix onto your target.

gs03 laser rangefinder has a vibrate function a pin seeker technology.

How Quick Are Golf Rangefinders?

Now, I’ve been watching some other reviews and they’ve got really hung up on the time different models take to return a measurement.

Now in the majority of models I’ve tried, there’s no real delay, but if you’re concerned, it’s probably worth checking out the reviews of the model you’re interested in and see what they say. In this model here the GS03 its really quick at returning a reading, so no need to wait around for the distance to come back to you. 

If you’re interested in my review of this rangefinder, have a look at this video in the link on screen. 

Golf Rangefinder Buying Tips – Number 3

But not until you’ve heard the third and most important buying tip.

So now onto tip number three: your golf rangefinder must have slope technology that can be turned on and off. 

Most good golf rangefinders will have a function where you can accurately calculate the distance to any target taking slopes into consideration. 

What Is Golf Rangefinder Slope?

But why is this the most important buying tip, I hear you ask? Well, you should be aware that using the slope function is illegal in competition under the rules of golf. So if you use it in your monthly medal, you could get disqualified. 

how to calculate rangefinder slope with the gogogo gs03 and give you rangefinder buying tips

You must be able to make sure that the slope function can be turned on and off.

This rangefinder here can’t be turned off but this ZeroIn rangefinder from Gogogo has a helpful switch which means you can switch slope off and on 

zeroin laser rangefinder has adjustable slope technology that can be turned on and off

This way, it will be fine using it in practice with it on and in competitions with it off, so you can use it in different types of games you play.

Golf Rangefinder Buying Tips: Conclusion

I hope you’ve enjoyed these rangefinder buying tips. 

Make sure you follow these golf rangefinder buying tips when you decide to make that purchase. I’ve been using the GS03 rangefinder from Gogogo Sport.

gs03 laser golf rangefinder carry case on the course

If you like the look of this rangefinder I’ve put a link in the description and if you buy it on Amazon use my code FUNGOLF and you can get 20% discount! 

But if you’re still not sure about rangefinders you should check out some of my other articles here:

And I’ll catch you in the next one.

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