What is The Titleist Performance Institute? (2023)

The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) is an educational organisation based in California. They boast a huge database of over 19,000 TPI Certified coaches in 63 countries and the numbers are growing. You may have seen the term ‘myTPI’, ‘TPI Screening’, or ‘TPI Certified Coach’ flying around and in this article I will cover everything you need to know about TPI.

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What is TPI Golf?

TPI is essentially an educational, training and research brand that interconnects the work of golf coaches, fitness coaches and physios. The main basis of their work centres around the ‘Body-swing connection’. In other words, how your body’s ability to move, affects the efficiency of your golf swing.

Their large facility in Oceanside, California, hosts some of the most innovative equipment in the industry and has seen the top players in the world visit to learn more about their bodies and their swings. Their vast database of research has led them to develop a physical screening process which can be used to preempt issues or discover root causes of specific swing characteristics.

The Titleist Performance Institute also have a wide range of free content available on their myTPI website discussing golf swing technique and golf fitness exercises. 

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What is a TPI Golf Screening?

The initial TPI Golf Screening includes 15 different movement tests that attempt to get an understanding of a golfer’s mobility, stability, flexibility and motor control. For each test you can score a green (pass), red (fail) or amber (part fail), these are entered into an algorithm that will then calculate a ‘Golf Fitness Handicap’.

The screening can take between 15-30 minutes in total depending on the coach and are available both online and in person. Following the screening, the player will receive a full report from the TPI database outlining their results and Golf Fitness Handicap.

A swing analysis is also performed to connect the dots and complete the ‘Body-swing connection’. Once all tests are performed the TPI certified coach can make some informed decisions on where this player might be able to make improvements in their golf swing. Ultimately this screening attempts to distinguish between physical limitations or technical issues that are resulting in reduced efficiency in the swing and suggest a TPI golf workout.

Who are TPI Golf Certified Instructors?

Titleist Performance Institute Golf Certified instructors will typically sit in one of three categories; Golf Coach, Fitness Coach, Physio/Medical Professional. All of these coaches will possess various specialties and backgrounds, however all will complete the same initial training.

This initial Level 1 training will educate the professional on how to perform the screening, the swing analysis, and finally, the body-swing connection. The main advantage of this is all of these coaches, from different sectors, can share data around one player. All coaches will speak the same language, and be working on the same parameters of success. This can allow for any level of golfer to experience a professional level of ‘team support’.

There is further training available depending on the sector of the coach. Specific golf, fitness, medical, junior and power courses are available at Level 2 and 3 certification. These levels provide an extra tier of screening and further intervention education. TPI boasts that 25 of the top 30 players in the world are advised by a Titleist Performance Institute certified coach but you will find coaches of all levels with this accreditation. If you want to find a TPI coach near, you can visit https://www.mytpi.com/experts.

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Should I visit a Titleist Performance Institute Coach?

In my opinion the Titleist Performance Institute accreditation is a tool that is used by many coaches but very rarely makes up their full methodology. Good coaches are able to take information from a wide variety of sources and put this together to form their own coaching method. In my opinion, a coach who is TPI certified (or a variation) has an extra string to their bow.

An extra opportunity to spot something that might be able to help you. If you have been struggling for a long time with the same swing issue and have never had your movement assessed then I would say going to see a TPI certified instructor could be a great option for you. 

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What type of TPI Coach do I need?

I always recommend being very clear about what you are wanting to discover and then go to a coach that will give you just that. For example if you think you lack strength and flexibility, go to see a TPI certified fitness coach. If you play with pain, go to see a Titleist Performance Institute certified physio. If you think there are some swing and technical issues that you need resolved, go to see a TPI certified golf coach.

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This is important because the screening alone isn’t worth anything. The idea is to test, and then take action. Depending on the coach you see, the recommended actions will vary. A golf coach might give drills, a fitness coach, exercises, and the physio, hands on treatment.

Is a Titleist Performance Institute Screening worth it?

In summary Titleist Performance Institute are forming a large footprint in the golfing world. Their accreditation programs are growing fast and the understanding of ‘Body-swing connection’ is becoming widespread. For the average golfer, there is definitely some value in understanding more about how their body moves and what potential restrictions they possess. 

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