60 Popular Golf Questions You Asked Google in 2021: Answered!

We all have lots of golf questions we need answers to, and 2021 was no exception. When in doubt we usually turn to Google for the answer! We’ve found the top 60 questions most asked on Google in 2021 and answered your golf questions! Read on to increase your knowledge of this amazing game!

Golf Questions

Who has the most ‘Green Jackets’ in the history of golf?

Jack Nicklaus, a legend of the game has 6 Green Jackets. Trailing him, Tiger Woods won his 5th Green Jacket at the 2019 Masters. These jackets are presented to players who win the Masters at Augusta National There is a tradition at Augusta National that the defending champion has to present the prestigious Green Jacket to the winner.

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What male golfer blew the largest lead in a major event?

This happened on the Masters 1996, where Greg Norman blew away a clear lead of 6 strokes during the fourth and final round. Nick Faldo, kept on grinding and took advantage of the situation. Greg posted a score of 78, whereas Nick’s score was 67, creating a difference of 11 strokes on the final day. However, it was revealed by Greg Norman after 2 decades of 1996 Masters that he was going through a major back injury during the meltdown.

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In golf, what are the rules for the scramble and best ball?

In scramble format, teams of 2 players each hit the shots throughout the 18 holes and decide which shot is better and then they play the next shot from there. The player whose shot isn’t selected picks up his ball and plays it from a club length away from the selected better-shot position. However, in best-ball format, all players play 18 holes with their balls and calculate their aggregate total score. The lowest scorer wins this format.

What are the best golf chipping drills?

There are a lot of techniques to improve chipping shots. Among them, the best is triangle shape drill, hula hoop, and trail hand releasing drill. In the triangle shape drill, a golfer stretches his hands in such a way that a Y shape is formed throughout the stance and swing. In hula loop drill, a golfer makes a circle around the hole and keeps on chipping the ball from 5 yards interval for 40 yards. The trail hand release drill is simple, the golfer releases the trail hand off the grip right before hitting the ball. This drill increases the accuracy and spin of the ball.

Was Ben Hogan the surliest professional golfer ever?

Ben Hogan was surly but there is a background for it. He had gone through a rough childhood. He lost his loved ones and kept on grinding through the great recession. He wasn’t loved and respected because of where he came from. His initial golfing days weren’t prime. He was almost on the verge of quitting golf but he kept on his persistence and consistency until he became the greatest striker of the ball.

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Who is the best golfer of all time at the short game and putting?

Jack Nicklaus is considered to be the best player of the short game and putting of all time. Although he never took off his glove during putting and had an awkward stance at times, he rarely missed his approach shots and putts. Trailing him are Bobby Jones, Gary Player, and Tiger Woods. Currently, Maverick McNealy is the top-rated player of the short game and putting on the PGA tours.

Is there a rule about the size of a golf green?

There is no rule about the size of the greens but it is recommended by USGA that the hole location should provide at least 3 feet for the ball to stop. It is generally said that the greens should be more than 4500 sq ft. Greens having an area of more than 5500 sq ft are considered ideal.

How far does the average golfer hit a 5 iron?

An average male golfer can hit a 5 iron to an approximate average distance of 160 yards and female golfers can hit it to 140 yards. PGA professionals hit 5 iron to a distance of 195-210 yards. There are a few factors that determine the distance of a shot, i.e., golf ball, course conditions, wind directions, and golfer’s consistency to hit the sweet spot.

What’s the most prestigious golf tournament?

The PGA Tour has 4 major events on a calendar year, all of them are prestigious. These are the Open Championship, The Masters, US Open, and PGA Championship. The Open Championship is often referred to as The British Open, it is the oldest tournament of golf first held in 1860. The Masters is played at the esteemed Augusta National and it was initiated in 1934. The PGA Championship was first played in 1916, and The US Open was first played in 1895.

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Which is the largest golf course in the world?

Mission Hills Shenzhen holds the Guinness Book world record for being the largest golf resort that has 12 courses of 18 holes each in Shenzhen, China. Pinehurst Golf Resort is next to Mission Hills golf resort. However, the Nullarbor Links golf course of Australia has a total accumulated area of 1365 kilometers.

What is the lowest professional golf score for 18 holes?

Rhein Gibson, an Australian golfer, shot the lowest professional score of 55 on a par 72 course. He shot it on the third round at the River Oaks Golf Club in Edmond, Oklahoma in 2012. He holds the record for shooting the lowest score. However, the lowest score on a PGA Tour is shot by Jim Furyk, 58.

Do golfers get paid if they miss the cut?

No, for the most part, golfers are not paid after they have missed the cut. It all depends on the format and money pool of the tournament. With exceptions, the PGA Tour pays $3200 to golfers if they miss cut, however in 2017, during the Open Championship, players were paid $ 10,000 after they missed out on the cut.

How long did Tiger Woods hold the #1 ranking?

Tiger Woods stayed at the number 1 rank for a total of 683 weeks in his entire career. However, he was throned at the number 1 rank during his splendid run of 281 weeks, starting from June 2005 to October 2010. He first became number 1 when he was of 21 years, in 1997. Whereas, his neoteric number 1 was last acquired in May 2014 when he was 39 years old.

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Are old golf courses just too short now?

That depends on a few factors. Old golf courses have an average area of 5500-6500 yards. With advanced technology and better golf club designs, golfers can easily cover this area. Newer balls also have altered this theoretical distance as well. For golfers like Bryson Dechambeau obviously, these courses are too short now.

How does the ball tracer work in golf?

A popular Golf Questions ball tracers work on two mechanisms. One is to follow the light waves of the ball and convert it into a ball line in real-time through the software. Second, Toptracer technology uses different cameras placed at certain locations on the course that follow the ball and create a ball line in real-time. It can trace a few balls at a time. Toptracer is widely used by PGA Tour.

What makes a golf course considered difficult?

The difficulty of a golf course is calculated through its slope rating. The slope of a golf course is the relative comparison of a bogey and scratch golfer’s ability to score, a higher slope means more difficulty. USGA has a rule that every golf course should have at least a 113-slope rating. In the USA, the average slope rating is 120. Kiawah Island in the US and The Albatros Course in the UK have the highest slope rating of 155.  Augusta National has a slope rating of 137.

What is the number 1 golf course in the United States?

The Pebble Beach Golf Links is on the top spot. It has an area of 7075 yards. It was designed by Jack Neville and Douglas Grant in 1919 and later on renovated by Arnold Palmer & Thad Layton in 2016. The slope rating of Pebble Beach is 145. Not only it is located in a beautiful and scenic vicinity but it is also one of the toughest links to play.

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Pebble Beach Golf Links

What is the toughest course on the PGA Tour?

Winged Foot Golf Club is the toughest course in terms of average score, which is 74.359. It has an area of 7477 yards. In terms of slope rating, Ocean Course at Kiawah Island is the hardest with the highest slope rating of 155. In terms of course conditions difficulty, the prestigious Augusta National is at the top of the list.

What is the most famous hole in golf?

One of the most popular golf questions there are a few holes that are equally famous across the globe. Augusta National’s 12th Golden Bell and 13th Azalea holes are iconic to play at. Par 3, 17th hole at the TPC Sawgrass has lethal importance in the game. St. Andrew’s 18th closing hole at the home of golf has its splendor. Pebble Beach’s 7th hole is also picturesque.

What hole is the greatest par 3 in America?

Augusta National’s 12th Golden Bell, 17th hole at the TPC Sawgrass, and 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale have immense importance in the game. These holes quite often make or break a player’s scorecard. These holes have an ardent gallery and splendor beauty. The walk from the tee box to the green is every golfer’s dream.

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How would Ben Hogan do on the present PGA tour?

Ben Hogan is known to be one of the greatest golf ball strikers of all time. Common golf questions ask would he still be a great player on the present PGA tours because his golf swing tactics and dynamics were versatile. His immensely honed golfing abilities were a great sight for the sore eyes. His famous “Hogan Fade” is still taught by trainers. Players like Ben Hogan are always great, irrespective of the time and age.

Why are golf courses called golf ‘links’?

 In modern-day golf, there are three types of golf courses, links, parkland, and desert. As the golf game was first played in Scotland, some areas were elevated along the coastline. These elevated ridges were called ‘hilnc’, thus links term was devised for such hilly parts of lands. In links courses, there are plenty of undulations with little to no trees.

What is the toughest golf course in the world?

The difficulty of course is measured by its slope rating.  USGA has a rule that every golf course should have at least a 113-slope rating. The Ocean Course of Kiawah Island in the US and The Albatros Course in the UK have the highest slope rating of 155. These two are the toughest courses around the globe.

What did Arnold Palmer think of Jack Nicklaus?

These two greats of the game shared a bond of friendship and rivalry that went on for 50 years, although the age gap between the two is of ten years. Jack Nicklaus once wrote, “ I was impressed with how friendly and natural he (Arnold Palmer) was to me, still a kid in short pants”. Arnold Palmer always wanted to level the tournament wins but he never came close to Jack. However, this bond and mutual regard kept on even after their professional career for charity and donation matches.

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Why is the PGA Championship considered a major?

The PGA Tour has 4 major events on a calendar year, all of them are prestigious. It is considered a major because of the large size of the prize money pool. The PGA Championship was first played in 1916. Like other major events, common golf questions ask the PGA Championship is also reserved particularly for only professional golfers.

How far did Jack Nicklaus drive the ball?

Jack Nicklaus, the 18-time major winner, drove the ball at an average distance of 270 yards during the prime of his professional career. However, the longest drive of Jack Nicklaus is 341 yards in 1963. Other than Arnold Palmer, the rest of the golfers drove the ball at an average of 230 yards at that time.

Is Tiger Woods a member of Augusta National?

Yes, the 5-time Masters winning Tiger Woods is a member of the Augusta National. However, he is an honorary member of the club. He does not hold the privileges of a regular member on voting agendas and certain other points. Membership invitation is always extended to specific players, it is exclusive and under the jurisdiction of the club president. 

Who has the most 2nd place finishes in golf?

It may come as a surprise but Jack Nicklaus has the most runner-up positions in the history of professional golf. His total 2nd place finishes are 19, whereas he has won 18 majors. This is how unpredictable game golf has been. Trailing him is Phil Mickelson with 11 runner-up positions.

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What is the longest putt in golf history?

Jack Nicklaus, a player who never took off his glove while putting has sunken a 110 feet putt in 1964 during the Tournament of Champions. In golf questions this is the longest putt sunk in the history of the game, and he holds a Guinness Book world record for it. Tiger Woods’s longest putt has been of 91 feet in 2014, during the WGC Cadillac Championship.

What is Tiger Woods’s longest drive ever?

Tiger Woods hit an exceptionally long drive of 498 yards during the Mercedes Championship in 2002. This is the longest drive in the PGA Tour history recorded on ShotLink. During his professional career, he has driven the ball six times over 400 yards. However, the average distance of Tiger’s drive is 300 yards.

How long does it take to golf 18 holes?

That depends on the playing conditions, and is one of the most common golf questions. Playing 18 holes solo will take 2 hours while 3.5-4 hours are required to complete an 18 hole round. A flight of golfers takes ten minutes to complete a hole. The fastest round of golf by a professional was played by Steve Scott, who completed the round in 29 minutes and 33 seconds.

How to measure golf club length?

To measure the length of a club, you have to bring to the position of playing with the heel of the clubhead touching the ground. Fetch a measuring tape and start at the top of your grip to the heel of your club. Longer clubs offer more distance whereas shorter clubs offer lesser distance.

What to wear while golfing?

Golf etiquettes allow players to wear khakis or golf trousers with collared half and full sleeve shirts. Shirts should not be fancy or Hawaiian style. Golfing apparel is always appreciated in light and contrasting colors. Tailored shorts are also allowed, but they should not be 4 inches above or below the knees. Denim, jeans, sweatpants, fancy shirts, or any other athletic apparel is not allowed. Golfing apparel, belt, socks, shoes, and a hat is the perfect dress code for golf.

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How long does a round of golf take?

That depends on the playing conditions. Playing 18 holes solo will take 2 hours while 3.5-4 hours are required to complete an 18 hole round. A flight of golfers takes ten minutes to complete a hole. One of the most popular golf questions. The fastest round of golf by a professional was played by Steve Scott, who completed the round in 29 minutes and 33 seconds.

How much does a golf cart weigh?

One of the more challenging golf questions. Several factors determine the weight of a golf cart. Dimensions, seating capacity, battery weight or tank capacity, and motor weight are the most prominent factors. A two-seater golf cart weighs around 500-700 pounds, four-seater weighs around 700-900 pounds. A six-seater golf cart weighs around 900-1200 pounds. Battery weight varies from 50-80 pounds. Electric golf carts are lighter than gasoline carts.

How to draw a golf ball?

To draw a ball, you need to slightly adjust your stance. First off, you have to turn the clubface slightly to the right of your aim. Then turn your shoulders and feet slightly more to the right than the clubface. Now take your swing and hit the ball. You will notice that your clubface is closed during the swing and your swing path turns inwards at impact. This will create a drawing trajectory.

What is a shotgun start in golf?

A shotgun start is a format of the golf tournament in which all the golfers tee off at the same time. A shotgun is fired in the air marks the start of teeing off. It is different from a split tee off. Eighteen flights of 3-4 golfers each, start on all 18 holes right away. This saves playing time and manages an influx of players.

How long do golf cart batteries last?

It depends on the battery capacity, cart dimensions, and workload. If a cart is used on full power, its battery timing varies from 60-90 minutes if fully recharged. This timing reduces as time passes, whereas newer batteries provide more running time. Golf cart batteries useful life varies from 5-10 years, depending on usage and workload.

What to wear golfing women?

Women golfing apparel consists of short sleeves collared as well as a no-collar top. No sleeve shirts are also allowed. Bottoms include golf pants. Women can also wear shorts, knee-length shorts, capris, and skirts. In accessories, they can wear belts, socks, and a hat. Sweaters and jackets are also allowed with no hoods.

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Where was golf invented?

Probably one of the top golf questions – Golf was first played in Scotland in the fifteenth century. Historically, it is one of the oldest sports that is still being played around the globe. It is said that the Dutch played a game called Apocryphally in the thirteenth century where they used to hit pebbles with a stick to a certain target. First, 18-hole round of golf was played at St. Andrews in 1764

Will tiger woods win again?

Chances are slim, but you never know. Tiger Woods went through a car crash this February which caused serious injuries to his legs and back. Previously, he was dealing with back pain as well. Dr. Smith said that he might never play golf again, but he has, and played well along side his son Charlie Woods. Winning the Masters in 2019 was a miracle for him, so he has shown that it has happened before – it could happen again!

How fast do golf carts go?

It depends on the battery capacity, motor, cart dimensions, and workload. Usually, electric golf carts are faster than gasoline carts. The top speed of an electric golf cart is reported to be 25 mph and 19 mph of gasoline cart. The top speed of an E-Z-Go cart is 13-14 mph. To increase top speed, modifications and upgrades are required.

How many golf courses are in the US?

There is no accurate number, but according to an estimation, there are more than 16,000 golf courses in the US. The number is always increasing as the sport is gaining popularity with youngsters. Among states, Florida is leading with more than 1250 courses, with California trailing with more than 920 courses.

How to determine golf handicap?

A handicap is a golfer’s ability calculated in numerical value. It is calculated using the score of the previously played rounds. On the scorecard, there are two columns. One is for Gross Score and the other is for the Net score. If a golfer plays 72 par course in 96 strokes, it means that he has played 24 over par. For example, if a golfer with an 18 handicap shoots 96, his gross score would be 96 but his net score would be 72.

How wide is a golf cart?

Dimensions of a golf cart vary depending upon the seating capacity, make, and model. The standard width of a golf cart is 4-5 feet. Mostly, the height of the cart is 6 feet, it also changes with and without a canopy. Similarly, the length of the cart also changes with the seating capacity.

 What are golf balls made of?

Butadiene rubber and thermoplastic are the two main raw materials for modern golf balls. The composition is unique for every brand. Rubber makes the core of the ball and thermoplastic is used in the outer tough layer of the ball. The difference between golf balls is due to core technology and outer layers number. For example, Titleist Pro V1 has 3 outer layers and Pro V1x has 4 outer layers. So when you are asked one of these golf questions you now know the answer!

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What do the numbers on golf balls mean?

The numbers on the golf balls do not indicate anything. These numbers are printed on the balls to distinguish balls from other players balls. In a game, two or three golfers might use the same brand of balls. These numbers allow identifying each player’s ball to avoid confusion. There are single-toned color balls as well to avoid confusion, for example, neon, yellow, blue, and red.

Can you drive a golf cart on the road?

Yes, golf carts can be driven on the roads. They are legal in some states and illegal in others. Although you can drive a golf cart around town, it isn’t recommended. Their top speed is 25 mph, which isn’t fast enough for public roads and highways. Moreover, for a golf cart to be on the road, it should have standard registration and insurance. So if the cops pull you over you’ll know the answer to one of these golf questions!

Which is the better 3 or 4 wheel golf push cart?

Golf push carts save a lot of time and energy for the golfers. 3-wheel and 4-wheel pushcarts have their own merits and demerits. 4-wheel offers better stability, whereas 3-wheel allows the golfer to maneuver through the course. 3-wheel has more speed, whereas 4-wheel offers better weight management. One has to consider these specifications and buy the push that suits is compatible with them.

 Can you push an electric golf cart?

Yes, electric golf carts can be pushed. All electric golf carts have an option of run and tow. The run option is selected when it is to be driven around the course. However, the Tow option is to be turned on if the cart is to be pushed around the course. This option will turn the cart into a neutral state.

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How to use a golf push cart?

It is a pretty simple golf questions. First off, you will have to unfold your golf pushcart. Then place your kitbag on the bars and strap it. Make sure that the handlebar is set and leveled. While using a pushcart, one has to be mindful of the etiquettes. Pushcarts should not zigzag on the fairway and they should be kept off from the greens and tee boxes at least 20 feet.

What is an A wedge in golf?

An A wedge in golf is a member of the subset iron set, particularly used in tough lies, bunker shots, and approach shots from the fairway. The A wedge is known as an attacking/aggressive approach shot wedge. It has a loft that comes between P wedge and S wedge. Its loft is between 50°-52°. It has a higher trajectory than the P wedge and a lower trajectory than the S wedge. It can cover a distance of 100-125 yards.

What is a wedge used for in golf?

The wedges are a subset of four short irons that are used for shots in tough lies, bunker shots, and approach shots from the fairway. These wedges are P wedge 48°, A wedge/G wedge 52°, S wedge 56°, and L wedge 60°. Lesser degree lofts cover more yardage with a lower trajectory, whereas higher degree lofts cover short distances with higher trajectories.

Who makes the best golf wedges?

Every golf brand has a specialty of its own. TaylorMade, Titleist, and Cleveland make the best golf wedges. Their high-tech design of wedges provides the golfers with the best in-hand feel and accuracy of the shot. Around 80% of the professional golfers use wedges make by these brands. Tiger Woods and Rory Mcilroy use TaylorMade Milled Grind wedges.

What degree is a lob wedge in golf?

The loft of a lob wedge is 60°. It is particularly used in tough lies, bunker shots, and approach shots from the fairway. Its sole is designed in a way to help the golfer with an additional bounce off the shot in tougher lies. Since its loft is 60°, it provides the highest trajectory with the shortest distance. It produces a massive spin on the ball. Its distance ranges from 70-90 yards.

What does bounce mean on a golf wedge?

Bounce on a golf wedge is an angle between the leading edge and the trailing edge of the sole. One of the more challenging golf questions. Higher angles offer more bounce to the ball. The bounce of a wedge depends upon its loft angle. The pitching wedge has a bounce of approximately 2.5°, and the gap/approach wedge offers approximately 5°-10° bounce. Sand wedge produces the highest bounce of 10°-16°. The lob wedge has a bounce of approximately 10°.

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Can you custom-fit used golf clubs?

Yes, any golf club can be custom-fitted irrespective of its condition. Mainly, the changes are in shaft length, lofts, lies, and grips because of the height difference between the two owners. It is always recommended to have custom-fitted clubs to have an improved feel and game.

What golf clubs does Rory McIlroy use?

Currently, Rory Mcilroy’s bag is all TaylorMade. He has been using TaylorMade’s SIM2 driver, SIM 3 and 5 fairway wood, Rors Prototype Milled Grind irons, and Milled Grind wedges. His putter, Spider X Hydroblast, is produced by TaylorMade. He has always preferred TaylorMade clubs. Previously, he used the M series.

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What kind of glue is used for golf clubs?

Golf-specific high-grade epoxy glues are used to attach clubheads with shafts. Unlike ordinary glues, epoxy has strong physical, mechanical, and elastic properties to hold together a golf club. It is also thermal variation resistant. The shelf life of epoxy glues at right room temperature can be up to 2-3 years.

What golf clubs does tiger woods use?

Currently, Tiger Woods has been using TaylorMade’s SIM driver, P790 UDI utility irons, P7TW prototype irons, and Milled Grind wedges. His putter, Scotty Cameron Newport, is produced by Titleist. The 15-time major winner has innumerous golf clubs in his collection. Over the years, he has used the most premium brands of golf.

 How many golf wedges should I carry?

One of the more challenging golf questions. That depends on your playing style and the measured distances of each wedge. Most of the professionals carry 3 wedges, P wedge, S wedge, and L wedge. Since these wedges have different loft angles, each of them offers a different shot. To carry 4 wedges, one has to compromise an iron.

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